Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Real fasting for Navratri.

Real Fasting for Navratri:

Real fasting for purification of soul is:

1st Day - I will leave all my Anger.

2nd Day -  I will stop Judging People.

3rd Day - I will leave all my  Grudges.

4th Day - I will forgive myself & everyone.

5th Day -  I will Accept myself &  every one as they are.

6th Day -  I will love myself & everyone unconditionally.

7th Day - I will leave all my feelings of Jealousy & Guilt.

8th Day - I will leave all my Fears.

9th Day - I will offer Gratitude for all the things I have and all which I will get.

10 - There is abundance in the universe for all and I will always tap the same and  create what I want through unconditional love, sadhna, nishkam seva, faith, swamaans

   *Happy Nav Ratri*

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