Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I am a Sales Guy!!

I go through the pain of being rejected everyday from people who don't add value at all to my personal life !!
I get yelled at by people I have not met at all ! I get pushed and pressed at all levels just to get the target set for me ! I am beaten down and pushed to the ground on a daily basis just to react to the rejections on a daily basis !!
However, I am the guy that stands tall to face any situation in life ! I think like an entrepreneur and hell I am an entrepreneur coz there is no rule or theory that teaches you sales!! I am also the guy who can talk my way out of any situation in life and I am also the guy who can talk and read people at the same time .. I am a mixture of being street smart and intelligent because no other profession in the corporate world has the need to read the most complex code in the world ! And no, I am not talking about a code written in Java or c#. I am talking about the human mind !!

I am a sales guy and I am proud of it !! 

Share this blog with all the people who are in sales and also pass it on to the others as well. This will help them to understand the importance of the sales function .

Cheers to sales !

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