Friday, September 01, 2017

Good practices of army officers.

Some of the Good Practices Followed by the Army Officers in Army

1.        Always follow the FM Chitwode;s Motto taught in the Indian Military Academy:

      “First - the Safety, Honor and Welfare of your Country come First–Always and Every time.

       Second – the Honor, Welfare and Comfort of the Men You Command come Next.

       Third – Your Own Ease, Comfort and Safety come Last – Always and Every Time”

2.     Never criticise the predecessor or organisation.

3.     Never carry your bad baggage to the new office.

4.     Never criticise food, staff and facilities.

5.     Senior always foots the bill when entertaining juniors in the cafe.

6.     Take full responsibility for failures and give full credit for all good work to subordinates.

7.     Never take meal before men during any ops.

8.     Never ask for personal rewards for any good work.

9.     Army courts donot adjourn for more than few days.

10. Cannot sit over a mail of letter for lack/ delay in decision.

11. Mail/ comn to be sent on Need Basis, unlike civil cc to all.

12.  Treat govt money as your own.

13.  Vigorous Persuasion of agenda points post meeting.

14.   Rarely a  tea parties during office hours.

15.  Learn to adapt- Every two years one is in a different chair, task, env, location and men.

16.  Leave your worries at home. None is interested.

17. Best of friends suddenly turn foe when one does a wrong thing.

18.  We fix accountability irrespective of relocations/ change of job.

19.  Understand- Nothing remains confidential when sent electronically.

20.   Be wise to take decisions since lives are always at stake.

21.  A bad decision will not cause financial loss or crash share market, but  human lives.

22. Take no cognizance of anonymous letters.

23.   Never discuss women, wine, wealth, politics and religion.

24. Your religion is the religion of your men.

25.  When one visits temple, he must visit Gurudwara, Mosque and Church if co- located.

26.  Never demean anyone.

27.  Never insult anyone in public.

28.  Never insult / bullshit anyone in front of his/ her juniors.

29. Never shout in the public/ mess.

30.  Always meet and pat he last man in the chain/ command.

31. Always dress for the specific occasion/ event.

32.  Never receive anyone in Chapels or sandals.

33.  Always dress up when expecting someone.

34.  Never visit another officer if an office in chapels/ sandals.

35.  Never wear high heels for any official function.

36. Always attend to the ladies  first irrespective of her status, position or relationship.

37. Never be late for any official or pvt event .

38. If late, simply say sorry. No excuse like traffic jams, tyre puncture, imp call etc.

39. Never borrow money from junior. Learn to manage.

40. Be miser while using Govt money/ resources.

41.  When calling on someone, seek permission to leave after 30 min or max 45 min.

42. Never have more than two drinks when it is on the house.

43. Eat something light prior to going for a formal cocktails.

44. Ensure last man gets sufficient food.

45.   Always have a Check List for every activity.

46.  Late last night cannot be an excuse to be late the next day.

47.  Never task a junior if you cannot perform the same task.

48. Biggest welfare of the subordinates lies in training them .

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