Monday, May 29, 2017

The Pause is as important as the note.

It is said in music, “the pause is as important as the note” 
- Truman Fisher

When we are “stuck” it is actually a good place to be….
It means we are not meant to move forward quite yet.
It means there is something more to learn, to do, to hear.
Just linger…
And when we stop listening to the constant drama and toxicity, we are able to hear something so soft, so subtle, so large it will change our view on everything.
This is the sound of the simple heart truth that was buried in fear.
With a simple pause, a breath and a thought, the world lights up, our struggle eases and that babbling ego/mind gets a much-needed rest. And gently, ever so gently we get out of our mind, out of the mud - a little cleaner, a little clearer and ready to move on.
-debbie Lynn

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