Tuesday, September 06, 2016

The Real Crux of Reliance Jio.

While there are many who are commenting about the good and bad sides of Reliance jio for the Indian masses, very few are acknowledging the real power and magnanimity of Reliance Jio, So I wanted to add my 25 Cents to the comments. This ofcourse are my personal thoughts.

Reliance Industries has invested over Rs 150,000 crore in its 4G internet and telecom venture, Jio.

Digitisation is the defining trend of this century. In fact, that is the very reason that Reliance conceived Jio. It is one of the largest transformational green-field digital initiatives anywhere in the world.

From existing 15-20%, Jio would help the industry coverage of the country reach over 90%. US is 75%.

Jio is not just a telecom network. It is an entire ecosystem consisting of devices, broadband networks, powerful applications and services, distributed to every doorstep in India.

Its offerings includes the most comprehensive libraries and programming of recorded and live music, sports, live and catchup television, movies and events.

Thus this project is not directly comparable with any other player or project in the true sense.

Jio has mapped every building footprint in the country with all attributes, that can be used for Jio and other businesses. Nobody in the world has this kind of powerful geographic information system that has all relevant information on India.

Jio uses latest and upgradable Telecom and related technologies.

The sheer size and scope of the project is unmatched not only in India but also in the world.

Lets first salute Reliance for imagining and doing the Impossible. Let the market forces decide about prices and other teething issues. Atleast the citizens will benefit for sure as new benchmarks for quality, services and prices will prevail.

Hope your 25 Cents are of value to you. Cheers.

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