Thursday, September 01, 2016

Roti, Kapada, Makaan, Bijlee aur Bandwidth!

Long back when Internet was not even heard of by the common man, This is what the Visionary Dewang Mehta of NASSCOM said - "Roti, Kapada, Makaan, Bijlee aur Bandwidth". 

JIO, Airtel, Idea, making it a reality for India today. Indeed a fitting tribute to Dewang and his dreams.

I still remember the initial days of Internet in India where only a handful of people used the Internet. Even the largest of Corporates were scared and skeptical about setting up a website or putting up a few pages about their company on the Internet. Todays generation is poles apart and may not be able to even imagine about the past.  The same way people could not believe in the past that Internet will be an integral part of our lives.

Cheers to a truely Digital India.

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