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The Real Crux of Reliance Jio.

While there are many who are commenting about the good and bad sides of Reliance jio for the Indian masses, very few are acknowledging the real power and magnanimity of Reliance Jio, So I wanted to add my 25 Cents to the comments. This ofcourse are my personal thoughts.

Reliance Industries has invested over Rs 150,000 crore in its 4G internet and telecom venture, Jio.

Digitisation is the defining trend of this century. In fact, that is the very reason that Reliance conceived Jio. It is one of the largest transformational green-field digital initiatives anywhere in the world.

From existing 15-20%, Jio would help the industry coverage of the country reach over 90%. US is 75%.

Jio is not just a telecom network. It is an entire ecosystem consisting of devices, broadband networks, powerful applications and services, distributed to every doorstep in India.

Its offerings includes the most comprehensive libraries and programming of recorded and live music, sports, live and catchup television, movies and events.

Thus this project is not directly comparable with any other player or project in the true sense.

Jio has mapped every building footprint in the country with all attributes, that can be used for Jio and other businesses. Nobody in the world has this kind of powerful geographic information system that has all relevant information on India.

Jio uses latest and upgradable Telecom and related technologies.

The sheer size and scope of the project is unmatched not only in India but also in the world.

Lets first salute Reliance for imagining and doing the Impossible. Let the market forces decide about prices and other teething issues. Atleast the citizens will benefit for sure as new benchmarks for quality, services and prices will prevail.

Hope your 25 Cents are of value to you. Cheers.

Entrepreneurial lesson from the Samosa Shop. - *समोसे की दुकान*

*समोसे की दुकान*

एक बडी कंपनी के गेट के सामने एक प्रसिद्ध समोसे की दुकान थी.
लंच टाइम मे अक्सर कंपनी के कर्मचारी वहा आकर समोसे खाया करते थे.

एक दिन कंपनी के एक मॅनेजर समोसे खाते खाते समोसेवाले से मजाक के मूड मे गये.

मॅनेजर साहब ने समोसेवाले से कहा, "यार गोपालतुम्हारी दुकान तुमने बहुत अच्छेसे मेंटेन की हैलेकीन क्या तुम्हे नही लगता के तुम अपना समय और टॅलेंट समोसे बेचकर बर्बाद  कर रहे हो.? सोचो अगर तुम मेरी तरह इस कंपनी मे काम कर रहे होते तो आज कहा होते..  हो सकता है शायद तुम भी आज मॅनेजर होते मेरी तरह.."

इस बात पर समोसेवाले गोपाल ने बडा सोचाऔर बोला,  " सर ये मेरा काम अापके काम से कही बेहतर है.  10 साल पहले जब मै टोकरी मे समोसे बेचता था तभी आपकी जाॅब लगी थीतब मै महीना हजार रुपये कमाता था और आपकी पगार थी १० हजार.
इन 10 सालो मे हम दोनो ने खूब मेहनत की..
आप सुपरवाइजर से मॅनेजर बन गये.
और मै टोकरी से इस प्रसिद्ध दुकान तक पहुच गया.
आज आप महीना ५०,००० कमाते है
और मै महीना ,००,०००

लेकीन इस बात के लिए मै मेरे काम को आपके काम से बेहतर नही कह रहा हूँ.

ये तो मै बच्चो के कारण कह रहा हूँ.

जरा सोचिए सर मैने तो बहुत कम कमाइ पर धंदा शुरू किया थामगर मेरे बेटे को यह सब नही झेलना पडेगा.
मेरी दुकान मेरे बेटे को मिलेगीमैने जिंदगी मे जो मेहनत की हैवो उसका लाभ मेरे बच्चे उठाएंगे.
जबकी आपकी जिंदगी भर की मेहनत का लाभ आपके मालिक के बच्चे उठाएंगे..
अब आपके बेटे को आप डिरेक्टली अपनी पोस्ट पर तो नही बिठा सकते ना..
उसे भी आपकी ही तरह झीरो से शुरूआत करनी पडेगी..  और अपने कार्यकाल के अंत मे वही पहुच जाएगा जहा अभी आप हो.
जबकी मेरा बेटा बिजनेस को यहा से और आगे ले जाएगा..
और अपने कार्यकाल मे हम सबसे बहुत आगे निकल जाएगा..

अब आप ही बताइये किसका समय और टॅलेंट बर्बाद हो रहा है? "

मॅनेजर साहब ने समोसेवाले को समोसे के २० रुपये दिये और बिना कुछ बोले वहा से खिसक लिये.........................       
               🙏🌹जरूर पढ़े 🌹🙏

Going Beyond your Duty!

A man was asked to paint a boat.

He brought with him paint and brushes and began to paint the boat a bright red, as the owner asked him.
While painting, he realized there was a hole in the hull and decided to repair it.
When finished painting, he received his money and left.
The next day, the owner of the boat came to the painter and presented him with a nice check, much higher than the payment for painting.
The painter was surprised:
- You've already paid me for painting the boat!
- he said.
- But this is not for the  paint job.

It's for having repaired the hole in the boat.

- Ah! But it was such a small service ... certainly it's not worth paying me such a high amount for something so insignificant!
My dear friend, you do not understand. Let me tell you what happened. *When I asked you to paint the boat, I forgot to mention about the hole.
When the boat dried, my kids took the boat and went on a fishing trip.
They did not know that there was a hole.
I was not at home at that time.
When I returned and noticed they had taken the boat, I was desperate because I remembered that the boat had a hole.

Imagine my relief and joy when I saw them returning from fishing.

Then, I examined the boat and found that you had repaired the hole! You see, now, what you did? You saved the life of my children! I do not have enough money to pay your "small" good deed.

💙 So, no matter who, when or how. Just continue to help, sustain, wipe tears, listen attentively and carefully repair all the "leaks" you find, because you never know when one is in need of us or when God holds a pleasant surprise for us to be helpful and important to someone.
You may have repaired numerous "boat holes" along the way, of several people without realizing how many lives you've saved.



1. The poor do not need our sympathy and pity, the poor need our love and compassion.
2. If you can't feed hundred people than just feed one.
3. Peace begins with a smile.
4. I do not pray for success. I asks for faithfulness
5. What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family.
6. God doesn't require us to success, he require that only you try.
7. If we really want to love we must learn how to forgive.
8. Some people come in our life as a blessing and some come in our life as a lessons.
9. Not all of us can do great things but we can do small thing with great love.
10. If you judge people, you have no time to love them.

Useful Health Tips for everyone.

Qn1. What are the thumb rules for a layman to take care of his heart?

1. Diet - Less of carbohydrate, more of protein, less oil
2. Exercise - Half an hour's walk, at least five days a week;
3. Quit smoking
4. Control weight
5. Control BP - Blood pressure and Sugar

Qn2. Can we convert fat into muscles?

Ans: It is a dangerous myth. Fat and muscles are made of two different tissues, fat is fat ... Ugly and harmful... Muscle is muscle. Fat can never be converted into a muscle.

Qn3. It's still a grave shock to hear that some apparently healthy person
gets a cardiac arrest. How do we understand it in perspective?

Ans: This is called silent attack; that is why we recommend everyone past the age of 30 to undergo routine health checkups.

Qn4. Are heart diseases hereditary?

Ans: Yes

Qn5. What are the ways in which the heart is stressed? What practices do you suggest to de-stress?

Ans: Change your attitude towards life. Do not look for perfection in everything in life.

Qn6. Is walking better than jogging or is more intensive exercise required to keep a healthy heart?

Ans: Walking is better than jogging, since jogging leads to early fatigue and injury to joints.

Qn7. You have done so much for the poor and needy. What has inspired you to do so?

Ans: Mother Theresa, who was my patient.

Qn8. Can people with low blood pressure suffer heart diseases?

Ans: Extremely rare.

Qn9. Does cholesterol accumulate right from an early age (I'm currently only 22) or do you have to worry about it only after you are above 30 years of age?

Ans: Cholesterol accumulates from childhood.

Qn10. How do irregular eating habits affect the heart ?

Ans: You tend to eat junk food when the habits are irregular and your body's enzyme release for digestion gets confused.

Qn11. How can I control cholesterol content without using medicines?

Ans: Control diet, walk and eat walnut.

Qn12. Which is the best and worst food for the heart?

Ans: Fruits and vegetables are the best and oil is the worst.

Qn13. Which oil is better - groundnut, sunflower, olive?

Ans: All oils are bad.

Qn14. What is the routine checkup one should go through? Is there any specific test?

Ans: Routine blood test to ensure sugar, cholesterol is ok. Check BP, Treadmill test after an echo.

Qn15. What are the first aid steps to be taken on a heart attack?

Ans: Help the person into a sleeping position, place an aspirin tablet under the tongue with a sorbitrate tablet if available, and rush him to a coronary care unit, since the maximum casualty takes place within the first hour.

Qn16. How do you differentiate between pain caused by a heart attack and that caused due to gastric trouble?

Ans: Extremely difficult without ECG.

Qn17. What is the main cause of a steep increase in heart problems amongst youngsters? I see people of about 30-40 yrs of age having heart attacks and serious heart problems.

Ans: Increased awareness has increased incidents. Also, sedentary lifestyles, smoking, junk food, lack of exercise in a country where people are genetically three times more vulnerable for heart attacks than Europeans and Americans.

Qn18. Is it possible for a person to have BP outside the normal range of 120/80 and yet be perfectly healthy?

Ans: Yes.

Qn19. Marriages within close relatives can lead to heart problems for the child. Is it true?

Ans : Yes, co-sanguinity leads to congenital abnormalities and you may NOT have a software engineer as a child.

Qn20. Many of us have an irregular daily routine and many a times we have to stay late nights in office. Does this affect our heart? What precautions would you recommend?

Ans : When you are young, nature protects you against all these irregularities. However, as yougrow older, respect the biological clock.

Qn21. Will taking anti-hypertensive drugs cause some other complications (short/long term)?

Ans : Yes, most drugs have some side effects. However, modern anti-hypertensive drugs are extremely safe.

Qn22. Will consuming more coffee/tea lead to heart attacks?

Ans : No.

Qn23. Are asthma patients more prone to heart disease?
Ans : No.

Qn24. How would you define junk food?

Ans : Fried food like Kentucky , McDonalds , Samosas, and even Masala Dosas.

Qn25. You mentioned that Indians are three times more vulnerable. What is the reason for this, as Europeans and Americans also eat a lot of junk food?

Ans: Every race is vulnerable to some disease and unfortunately, Indians are vulnerable for the most expensive disease.

Qn26. Does consuming bananas help reduce hypertension?

Ans: No.

Qn27. Can a person help himself during a heart attack (Because we see a lot of forwarded e-mails on this)?

Ans: Yes. Lie down comfortably and put an aspirin tablet of any description under the tongue and ask someone to take you to the nearest coronary care unit without any delay and do not wait for the ambulance since most of the time, the ambulance does not turn up.

Qn28. Do, in any way, low white blood cells and low hemoglobin count lead to heart problems?

Ans: No. But it is ideal to have normal hemoglobin level to increase your exercise capacity.

Qn29. Sometimes, due to the hectic schedule we are not able to exercise. So, does walking while doing daily chores at home or climbing the stairs in the house, work as a substitute for exercise?

Ans : Certainly. Avoid sitting continuously for more than half an hour and even the act of getting out of the chair and going to another chair and sitting helps a lot.

Qn30. Is there a relation between heart problems and blood sugar?

Ans: Yes. A strong relationship since diabetics are more vulnerable to heart attacks than non-diabetics.

Qn31. What are the things one needs to take care of after a heart operation?

Ans : Diet, exercise, drugs on time , Control cholesterol, BP, weight.

Qn32. Are people working on night shifts more vulnerable to heart disease when compared to day shift workers?

Ans : No.

Qn33. What are the modern anti-hypertensive drugs?

Ans: There are hundreds of drugs and your doctor will chose the right combination for your problem, but my suggestion is to avoid the drugs and go for natural ways of controlling blood pressure by walk, diet to reduce weight and changing attitudes towards lifestyles.

Qn34. Does dispirin or similar headache pills increase the risk of heart attacks?

Ans : No.

Qn35. Why is the rate of heart attacks more in men than in women?

Ans: Nature protects women till the age of 45. (Present Global census show that the Percentage of heart disease in women has increased than in men).

Qn36. How can one keep the heart in a good condition?

Ans: Eat a healthy diet, avoid junk food, exercise everyday, do not smoke and, go for health checkups if you are past the age of 30 ( once in six months recommended) ....

Dr. Shetty

Thursday, September 01, 2016

Roti, Kapada, Makaan, Bijlee aur Bandwidth!

Long back when Internet was not even heard of by the common man, This is what the Visionary Dewang Mehta of NASSCOM said - "Roti, Kapada, Makaan, Bijlee aur Bandwidth". 

JIO, Airtel, Idea, Vodafone...is making it a reality for India today. Indeed a fitting tribute to Dewang and his dreams.

I still remember the initial days of Internet in India where only a handful of people used the Internet. Even the largest of Corporates were scared and skeptical about setting up a website or putting up a few pages about their company on the Internet. Todays generation is poles apart and may not be able to even imagine about the past.  The same way people could not believe in the past that Internet will be an integral part of our lives.

Cheers to a truely Digital India.

Slow Dance.

This poem was written by a terminally ill young girl in a
New York Hospital. It was sent by a medical doctor,


Have you ever watched kids on a merry-go-round?
Or listened to the rain slapping on the ground?
Ever followed a butterfly's erratic flight?
Or gazed at the sun into the fading night?

You better slow down.
Don't dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won't last.

Do you run through each day on the fly?
When you ask, “How are you?”
Do you hear the reply?

When the day is done, do you lie in your bed,
with the next hundred chores running through your head?

You'd better slow down
Don't dance so fast.
Time is short
The music won't last.

Ever told your child,
We'll do it tomorrow?
And in your haste,
Not see his sorrow?

Ever lost touch, let a good friendship die
Cause you never had time
To call and say,'Hi'

You'd better slow down.
Don't dance so fast.
Time is short.
The music won't last..

When you run so fast to get somewhere,
You miss half the fun of getting there.

When you worry and hurry through your day,
It is like an unopened gift....
Thrown away.

Life is not a race.
Do take it slower
Hear the music
Before the song is over.

This young girl had 6 months left to live, and as her dying wish, she wanted to send a letter telling everyone to live their life to the fullest, since she never will.
She'll never make it to prom, graduate from high school,
or get married and have a family of her own, but wanted to make a difference to the world out there.

The other side of Life.

You may be missing the other side of Life completely!

A father was reading his favourite magazine and his little son was every
now and then distracting him. Trying to keep his son busy, he tore out one page on which was printed map of the world. He then tore the page into pieces and asked him to go to his room and put them together to make the map again.

Having done this, the father was now
convinced he would read his magazine without any disturbance and also that it would take his son the whole day to get it done.

But the little one came back within two minutes with the perfect map…………

The curious and confused father asked his son how he could do it so

He giggled and said,
“Oh…Dad, there is Sunny Leone's picture  on the other side of the paper,
I made her picture perfect to
get the map right.”
Satisfied with the answer, he ran outside to play leaving the father surprised…

Moral of the story:
In life there is always the other side to whatever you experience.
When ever we come across a challenge or puzzling situation,
Let's look at the other side, & we will be surprised to see an easy way to tackle the problem..

Simple Parenting Ideas at work!

To all parents and even grandparents, as well as teachers, here are some unbelievably simple parenting ideas that work.👇

1. Children need a minimum of eight  touches during a day to feel connected to a parent.

If they’re going through a particularly challenging time, it’s a minimum of 12 a day. This doesn’t have to be a big deal; it could be the straightening of a collar, a pat on the shoulder or a simple hug.

2. Each day, children need one meaningful eye-to-eye conversation with a parent.

It is especially important for babies to have that eye contact, but children of all ages need us to slow down and look them in the eyes.

3. There are nine minutes during the day that have the greatest impact on a child:

the first three minutes right after they wake up
the three minutes after they come home from school
the last three minutes of the day before they go to bed
We need to make those moments special and help our children feel loved.
These are simple, right? Nothing really earth-shattering here.

Try it.
1⃣ Whenever u feel like scolding or beating your child, take a deep breath, or count 1-10 and then act.
2⃣ Let's ask them to study their favorite subject on their own..
3⃣ Send them to one exam without studying at all..
4⃣ Remember what our kids are learning in 5th std is taught to 7th std abroad..
5⃣ Lets keep our kids out of unwanted competition.
6⃣ 80% of what kids are learning ,won't be useful to them in future..
7⃣ Our kids can really afford to do whatever they want to do in future .
8⃣ Higher degrees don't guaranty success and happiness..
9⃣ Not all the highly educated people do well professionally.
And not all who do well professionally are the happiest ones..
🔟 Kids are always in a party mood.. don't spoil their childhood. Support and let them be what they want to be. 👍😃

Change the way we look at our kids and their future.