Monday, September 28, 2015

Transformation the realm of new possibilities and unlimited potential.

People and organisations always look outside for help to grow and reach their full potential. While it is good to have such interventions, you should be cautious about the fact that while you may use external triggers, it is only you who can cause your real transformation and reach your true potential.

Our parents, families, relatives, society, education, work places, media etc. have conditioned our minds to believe and do things that they believe one should do and comply with. While there are many things you may need to do to comply to societal and legal norms, you may be surprised to realise that your true potential is not what the external world defines but exists within you.  

Almost all trainers, consultants and astrologers take your watch and tell you the time. To start with they establish their own credibility by proving that they and their tools know/reveal about your past and present. This gives them credibility to speak about the future possibilities which the clients readily accept and pay for. But the fact is that what you have constructed in your mind only comes out in such interventions and reinforcing them really means nothing. The real fact is that your past or present has nothing to do with the future. You are inherently born with unlimited potential. Transformation happens when you relate to your inner potential and possibilities, and stay away from the artificial limits created by man and society around you. You can have any future that you aim and desire and work for, that is true transformation and growth. Your own and others interpretation of you means nothing and is a mere human interpretation and not a reality. 

Your positive thoughts is the only thing that needs your attention and nurturing; you can use it to achieve anything that you want in life. Think Big and Grow.

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